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Find out how our client received a 50% cost saving on their managed print services. The installation of revolutionary printers saved our client up to 50% of their previous printing costs.

"The cost of printing was rising across the client's business. Employees also found that a great deal of management and administration was required for each printer, as well as much IT support for the many halts and breaks they were experiencing."

The Customer

Revolutionising writing since 1888, our client has centred its work around innovation, expertise, and craftsmanship. Ever since their founder created a new system for pens that solved the problems of ink leakage, the company has led the way in creating new and inspiring pen designs.

In 1924 the client made the move across the Atlantic to Britain, where it began to distribute its innovative creations to the British and European market. The unique spirit of craftsmanship and skilled experience has allowed the company to continue to develop and expand across the globe, and continue to thrive in the British market, where the founder’s motto encourages further innovation to this day: “It will always be possible to make a better pen.”

The Challenge

Our client has revolutionised pen design for over 125 years and created a company that stretches across the globe. Their printing situation, however, reflected anything but the innovation that the company have come to represent with their design expertise.

At the client’s UK base, the cost of printing was rising across the business. Employees also found that a great deal of management and administration was required for each printer, as well as much IT support for the many halts and breaks they were experiencing. This put a lot of pressure on IT staff and did not allow the employees to work to their full potential.

The Solution

With years of experience in identifying printing solutions that will not only solve company problems but help the company to become more agile, Document Logic was in a prime position to help the client. Document Logic is in a particularly privileged position in terms of expert knowledge.

A Document Logic expert visited the client to assess their current printing setup and see how we could best help the company with their printing problems. After the expert evaluation, Document Logic decided to replace the client’s printers with the revolutionary printer that uses a solid ink system and a multi-tiered pricing plan that allows customers to pay only for the colour they use, rather than a set price no matter what they print. This feature of the new printer also makes it much more environmentally friendly.

The printer also requires a lot less maintenance than many standard office printers. Despite this, Document Logic also decided to install software to remotely monitor and automatically administer all of the new devices to ensure that the current problems of maintenance and administration were eliminated completely.

The Results

The new plan had significant results for the company. The new printing devices increased printer efficiency hugely thanks to its hard ink technology and Three Tier billing concept. The installation of these revolutionary printers saved up to 50% of the previous printing costs.

The remote monitoring and administration of the new devices also removed the issues experienced with the previous printing solution. Internal IT staff were now free to work on more strategic projects, and there was no need for expensive engineer callouts.

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