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Discover how we helped commercial printers Imprint Services take the next step in their digital growth plan. Thanks to our tailored service, Imprint Services now have a new digital press that meets all of their requirements – and more.

"All issues have been resolved with respect to speed of production, up-time, ease of servicing, paper handling, back to back registration, larger capacity delivery tray… the new printer is different gravy!"

The Customer

Imprint Services are commercial printers based in North Yorkshire. Founded in 1989 as a litho print shop, the company introduced digital presses in 2008 to broaden their capabilities and cater for new industry demands.

This combination of traditional printing methods and high-quality digital equipment enables Imprint Services to deliver fast, reliable and consistent solutions. Whether you need to print short run books, business cards or brochures or need assistance with creating the right layout design, Imprint Services are your ideal professional print partners.

The Challenge

Intent on taking the next step in their digital growth plan, Imprint Services wanted to find a press that matched the print quality of their previous Konica model, but required the new machine to have a number of additional functions and benefits that would help to boost the productivity of their operations. They wanted the new model to offer better paper handling, better registration, lower servicing requirements, and self-service ability on components like drums without having to call out an engineer.

A digital press is a big investment and finding the right one that meets a clients’ specific needs is no easy feat. We are, however, highly experienced in doing just that. This is why Imprint Services turned to our local team for some help, ultimately choosing us thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable approach.

The Solution

With years of experience in the print and print management sector, we have an unrivalled ability to assess, solve, and negotiate better printing solutions for all kinds of businesses across the UK.

After meeting Imprint Services and visiting their print shop, we were able to gain a nuanced understanding of their current print setup and their requirements for the new model.

With Imprint Solutions ready to take the next step up in their digital growth plan, what better machine to equip them with than one specifically designed to take print operations to the next level? With stunning image quality, easy automation and ability to print on a wide variety of media types, the printer more than matched Imprint’s quality requirements and offered trouble-free, quality printing at a reasonable cost per click.

The new printer is consistent, robust and dependable mid-production range press best suited for small to medium sized print shops and enterprise environments. Delivering a unique set of automated workflows, run-time features and production support tools, the printer is an ideal choice for busy print shops that need to deliver more high-quality jobs and deliver them in less time.

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