Graco saved around 50% of its print costs while eliminating maintenance issues with a print solution from Document Logic. A new print setup from Document Logic helped Graco to save around 50% of their print costs, while monitoring software eliminated issues that reduced productivity.

"Graco's previous setup demanded a considerable amount of administration and management, and required a large amount of technical support from in-house IT staff."

The Customer

A renowned and trusted baby products company, Graco has been manufacturing ever since 1942, however it beginnings were rather different from its present occupation. Originally a metal production business, the company changed direction when it developed the world’s first wind-up infant swing. Graco the baby business was born.

In 1997, Graco’s European division was launched, where it spread the company’s reputation for innovative and strong products across the globe. To this day, Graco continues to research and develop products that keep up with the lifestyle of modern parents. Combining unbeatable quality, design, and value for money, Graco has become the number one wheeled goods manufacturer and number two car seats manufacturer in the UK.

The Challenge

Graco is a leading baby products company in the UK, and maintains its place through constant innovation and expert design. However, the printing solution within Graco’s UK headquarters was not reflective of the company’s expert edge.

Graco was experiencing very high printing costs with its current printing setup. The current setup also demanded a considerable amount of administration and management, and was requiring a large amount of technical assistance from in-house IT staff, which was wasting further company time and money.

The Solution

With years of experience in the printing and print management sector, Document Logic is unrivalled in its ability to assess printing setups and provide optimising solutions. Document Logic also all the connections and knowledge to provide companies with the best printing hardware and software possible.

A Document Logic expert visited Graco to asses their printing setup and identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. The expert discussed company needs and demands with the client and then formulated a better, more efficient solution. Document Logic decided that Graco’s print hardware should be replaced with a revolutionary printer that uses a solid ink system and multi-tiered pricing plan that slashes costs by only charging customers for the colour they use and not simply per sheet.

Document Logic also solved the company’s maintenance and administration issues. While the printer requires little maintenance, Document Logic also installed software to remotely monitor and automatically administer all of the new devices to ensure that in future there would be no more demands on internal IT staff or the need to call out expensive engineers.

The Results

The new print setup from Document Logic helped Graco to save huge amounts on their previous printing costs. The ColorQube increased the efficiency of printing hugely thanks to its hard ink technology and Three Tier billing concept, saving the client up to 50% of what the company were spending previously on printing.

The installation of the monitoring and administrative software also eliminated the issues the company was experiencing with keeping their printers going. The devices themselves were much more reliable than the previous printers, but the software helped to guarantee that internal IT staff were no longer over-burdened with printing problems, and the company faced no unexpected engineer callout costs.

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