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Docuware | Document Logic

Digital Document Management, Storage and Retrieval

The challenge

Physical document storage and poor digital document management can present your business with significant challenges. As well as the cost implications of storing physical documents, there are limitations for accessibility, the time it takes to retrieve them and a potential risk for loss or theft.

The opportunity

A professional digital document storage solution will provide your people with a more efficient, responsive and highly secure document management process. With the essential information they need at their fingertips they can make better decisions, provide a better service and easily maintain full version control for all documents, no matter how many times they are accessed and edited.

Your next step

To address your storage challenges and gain many significant benefits you need a professional Digital Document Storage Solution. To help you decide the best approach for your business we recommend a Document Storage assessment. Request yours now.

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Docuware | Document Logic

Capture, process and access documents

DocuWare document management software automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents regardless of their format or source.

Either on location or in the cloud, documents are readily available, where and when needed; with just one search needed to quickly locate related documents.

Docuware | Document Logic
Capture and organise information
Docuware | Document Logic
Process documents and manage workflows
Docuware | Document Logic
Access and view content for decision making

DocuWare Benefits

  • Document workflow automation speeds up business processes and creates efficiencies
  • Secure, controlled and logged access creates transparent workflows.
  • Digitizing paper documents reduces paper handling expenses from filing times to file cabinets and office space to offsite storage facilities.
  • Powerful search and display options allows for quick retrieval of information when needed.
  • Email notification alerts remind you of tasks at hand.
  • Mobile apps and web clients can connect from any location enabling access to authorized from business sites, home, from out in the sales field and whilst travelling.
  • Easy to use
  • DocuWare document control system works closely with familiar applications and directly from Ricoh multifunction printers (MFP’s).

DocuWare Features

  • DocuWare solutions enable automation of document workflows, whilst protecting data and documents with secure, and centralised archiving.
  • Task lists, email notifications, and reminders keep processes moving forward.
  • One search quickly finds all related documents regardless of the original source: if PC generated, from an email, a Microsoft Office document or from a scanned paper document
  • Tracked and logged access allows everyone to stay up to date.
  • Easily maintained records to monitor and report on retention schedules.
  • Available on location or in the cloud

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Accounting Department

Automate invoice approval, 3-way matching and other AP processes, monitor and verify purchases, quickly provide PODs to accelerate Accounts Receivable, and efficiently share files for stress free audits.

Human Resources

Streamline the interview process by routing paperwork documents, compliantly store information, save time with employee self-service to pay stubs, forms, and more.


Have instant access to customer’s quotes and sales history, task lists help management monitor progress.

Public Administration

From local to regional governing agencies, public records are easily shared in digital format saving municipalities’ time and money.


Student records, including finance documentation, can be compliantly stored and shared by authorised users.


Clearly documented workflows and material lists keep production in budget and on schedule.

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