Xerox® D136 Production Copier Printer

Superior performance. B&W simplicity.

Xerox® D136 Production Copier Printer

Superior performance. B&W simplicity.

Increase productivity, reduce costs and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Perfect for printing-intensive environments, such as pay-for-print shops and book publishing, the Xerox® D136 Copier/Printer was engineered for superior performance, renowned Xerox dependability and ease of use, plus state-of-the-art finishing capabilities and the ability to add industry leading integrated workflowoptimisation solutions. The Xerox® D136 helps you grow your business because you’re free to focus on what you do best: producing great work. We’ll help you produce it faster and more affordably.

Quick Facts

Superior black-and-white performance, quality and reliability.

  • Upto 136 ppm
  • Upto 800k Pages/Month
  • Enhanced print quality
  • Robust inline finishing options
  • Optional high-performance copying/scanning at up to 200 ipm

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Xerox® D125 Copier Printer

Meet the demanding deadlines for all of your transactional printing with the Xerox® D136 Copier/Printer.

Consistently, accurately and reliably receive and process data, then quickly print large volumes of the high-quality bills, statements and invoices you and your customers expect. And you can place the Xerox® D136 right at your point of need.

Speed and Productivity

The D136 Copier/Printer keeps your jobs moving, enabling you to meet your tightest deadlines and accommodate higher volumes.
• High-speed print engines deliver output at up to 136 pages per minute.
• Add a High-Capacity Feeder or an Oversized High-Capacity Feeder to accommodate your standard, oversized and custom stock requirements for long, uninterrupted runs.

Image Quality

The fine image quality offered by the D136 Copier/Printer enables you to send a powerful message that lends impact to every communication you create.
• 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution delivers consistent, high-quality reproduction of text, solids, photos and graphics, with exceptional registration for polished, professional results.
• Exclusive Xerox® EA Toner plays an integral role in the delivery of superior image-quality. You get the highest levels of detailing, with the sharpest text and halftones, and deep, solid blacks. Produces a less glossy finish than previous toners, leaving professional matt results. Plus, EA Toner melts at 10 degrees C less than previous D Series toners, leaving a lower carbon footprint.

Ease of use

The D136 Copier/Printer has been designed for maximum ease of use.

• The familiar Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server is optional and features an easy-to-use user interface that minimises training and learning curves and maximises agility. • A small footprint means you can place the D136 Copier/Printer right at your point of need.
• Accepts any data stream, anytime, including Adobe® PostScript®, PDF, PCL, LCDS, IPDS, Xerox® VIPP® and PPML.

• Load-while-run, unload-while-run and change-while-run capabilities mean you can load paper, unload finished documents or change toner cartridges while the printer is running. This ensures continuous operation and high productivity.

• Colour scanning with 600 x 600 dpi with 8-bit grey (256 shades) scan resolution produces copy output that truly matches the original.

• A fast, single-pass, colour dual-head scanner – which means each original is only scanned once – scans at speeds up to 200 images per minute.

• Concurrent scan/receive, RIP and print processing provide maximum throughput.

• The 250-sheet Automatic Document Feeder ensures that even the largest, most complex jobs run with optimum speed and efficiency.

• The Build Job feature enables easy programming of different types of pages in one document, with no manual collation required regardless of the job’s complexity.

• Convert hard-copy pages to TIFF, JPEG and PDF files that you can store in folders for fast reprint or send directly to an FTP location or an email distribution list.

• Standard colour scanning allows full-colour communication via email or digital file distribution (JPEG, TIFF, PDF) for fast, inexpensive collaboration.

• Print from and save to any standard USB drive device for easy walk-up convenience.


At Xerox, we strive to help your business or institution produce exceptional output faster and more cost effectively. But productivity and bottom-line savings mean nothing unless you can also count on consistent reliability. That’s why every component within the D136 Copier/Printer has been engineered for maximum uptime and long-life durability.

Xerox® D125 Copier Printer
Xerox® D125 Copier Printer
Xerox® D125 Copier Printer
Xerox® D125 Copier Printer
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