Imprint Services - Customer Case Study
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Imprint Services

Discover how we helped commercial printers Imprint Services take the next step in their digital growth plan.

Thanks to our tailored service, Imprint Services now have a new digital press that meets all of their requirements – and more.

All issues have been resolved with respect to speed of production, up-time, ease of servicing, paper handling, back to back registration, larger capacity delivery tray… the new printer is different gravy!

York Archaeological Trust - Customer Case Study
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York Archaeological Trust

Discover how we helped York Archaeological Trust install new, cost-saving multifunction print devices across their UK offices.

We introduced a range of high performance models to boost productivity, simplify tasks and keep printing costs in check.


We have worked with a range of different companies for many years, making us ideally suited to helping businesses and organisations find the devices that will make a real difference to their working ability and bottom line.

Pen Manufacturer - Customer Case Study
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Pen Manufacturer

Find out how our client received a 50% cost saving on their managed print services.

The installation of revolutionary printers saved our client up to 50% of their previous printing costs.

The cost of printing was rising across the client's business. Employees also found that a great deal of management and administration was required for each printer, as well as much IT support for the many halts and breaks they were experiencing.

McCain UK - Customer Case Study
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McCain UK

Read how we gave McCain UK more control over the way it managed its printing.

Thanks to Document Logic’s new tailored printing setup, McCain UK experienced much greater control and management of its printer fleet.

The biggest problem concerning our client’s printing setup was its lack of definition. Our client was struggling with a print setup that had multiple print devices from multiple manufacturers, and a number of invoices from different print suppliers.

Irwin Tools - Customer Case Study
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Irwin Tools

Irwin Tools’s print costs were rising and Document Logic provided a solution that reduced these costs by 50%.

The environmentally friendly and super efficient hard ink technology of the new printer plus its Three-Tier Billing system has saved the client up to 50% of its previous print spend.

The cost of printing was rising across the business, and the increased demand on IT staff to administer and fix printers had resulted in considerable expense in both time and money.

Graco - Customer Case Study
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Graco saved around 50% of its print costs while eliminating maintenance issues with a print solution from Document Logic.

A new print setup from Document Logic helped Graco to save around 50% of their print costs, while monitoring software eliminated issues that reduced productivity.

Graco's previous setup demanded a considerable amount of administration and management, and required a large amount of technical support from in-house IT staff.

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